A Beginner’s Guide to Golf

Golf has been a quite classy sport since its beginning which could be traced as back as the fifteenth century. It has usually been played by the elites and thereby has been considered to be amongst the most civilized sports. This calls for following the etiquette and rules of the game in strict manner. Discussed below are some of the basic things you need to know before learning how to play golf:

Golf Equipment

The  golf equipment you need to carry while playing golf includes 14 clubs, a driver, a sand wedge, a putter, plenty of golf balls, and tees, and a golf bag.

Basic Golf Etiquette

  • You must arrive before time so that you can warm up.
  • You must not be playing too slow because this might slow down other players.
  • Do not overspend time on searching for a lost ball.
  • You must ensure that the game maintains a good pace and time is not wasted.
  • Keep the game safe. Prior to making a swing look over the distance other people are at and similarly when someone else is making a swing ensure that you are keeping the distance.
  • If it seems that your ball is heading towards another group or people, yell “Fore!”
  • Throwing clubs is strictly prohibited and while in the golf cart ensure that the safety suggestions are strictly met.
  • Ensure that you maintain the quality of the course and do not harm the greens through repairing your ball marks and divots, raking your sand bunkers, keeping carts away from hazards and greens, and observing the rules for cart.


  • Your progress could be tracked if you have a regular driving range routine. The speed and length of the swing must be increased gradually so that eventually you could work up to a driver that is used for long distances usually.
  • Initially, you should play three holes.
  • You should be learning the basic short shots for trouble-free hitting a driver off the tee.
  • You must know the difference between pitch and chip; when it is tried to stop the ball faster, a pitch must be used whereas when the ball has to move over any obstacles, you must use a chip.
  • You should be aware of when to be ready for getting on the green along with other golfers.

Golf Attire

Prior to playing golf, one must ensure that he or she is wearing the right attire and most of the golf courses have a dress code so you must strictly follow that. However, as a general rule of thumb, a collared golf shirt, and khaki slacks or shorts would be acceptable. Wearing golf gloves are up to the player.

Though putting on specific golf shoes is also not a requirement usually however; it is good to have them. You may want to look for the golf shoes for men buyer’s guide to have an overview of the best men’s golf shoes. Comfortable golf shoes could provide good traction at the ground and could facilitate a good swing as they would be ensuring natural movement of the feet.